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Kids at the Franklin Institute

catch of the day fish (2)Kids jump for joy when school is out for a day, a week, or even three long months. But parents are sometimes less enthused. You can’t make everyday “Take Your Child to Work Day,” nor, really, would most of us want to. But the kids need something to do, and isn’t it better for everyone if they get to spend the day doing something social, enriching, potentially educational, and most of all, fun? That’s the idea behind Tripster– the awesome service we can’t believe no one invented sooner. Think of Tripster as basically the coolest, most fun baby-sitter/extended-family-member/youth-group/field-trip-organizer ever. Because that’s pretty much how they operate. Bottom line: you need somewhere for the kids to go when school is out for the day, and Tripster has the solution.

Local private schools will be closed on Monday, October 20th, so you may want to book an adventure now. And adventure is certainly what’s in store with Tripster’s October 20th excursion to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. If you’ve never been up there, the Franklin Institute is absolutely on of Philly’s most beloved attractions for families. It’s got three floors of hands-on, interactive, and educational fun that is almost as dazzling for adults as it is for kids (not that you’ll be going along this time, but still..).

Tripster kids will get to explore all three floors of the Institute, attend an immersive theatrical event, and even a live science show. Kids can catch a wave, pitch a curveball, and tackle physical science in the “Sports Challenge” exhibit, or find out how science makes the circus possible in the “Science Under the Big Top” exhibit. And there’s so much more.  Plus, transportation, admission, lunch, and snacks are all included, so it truly is all taken care of. Now, when are they going to start offering this for adults?

For more information about the Franklin Institute trip and others, or to sign up, visit And you can use the discount code SIBLING at check-out when you register more than one child!


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