‘Serial’ Producer Sarah Koenig Goes on the Colbert Report

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Serial producer Sarah Koenig
Serial producer Sarah Koenig on the Colbert Report

Serial producer Sarah Koenig appeared on the Colbert Report Wednesday night as the acclaimed podcast — which tells the story of the 1999 murder of Woodlawn High School student Hae Min Lee — nears its final episode.

Colbert ribbed Koenig about the invariable mispronunciation of sponsor MailChimp (sounds like “mailkimp”) and asked her if she “always want[ed] to do true crime reporting that people listen to on the treadmill.”

He also made a joke that I honestly can’t figure out. He said that Serial “takes place in Baltimore, the same fictional city from The Wire.”

Here’s the clip:


The Colbert Report
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The final episode of Serial comes out Dec. 18.

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