Seth Meyers Says O’Malley Could Be “Secretary of Hunkery”

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For Martin O’Malley, last night’s positive, softball appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers couldn’t have come at a better time. The former Maryland governor and current lagging presidential hopeful needed something to help him recover from being chewed out by a venerated NPR personality for his tardiness.

The Baltimore Sun‘s television critic David Zurawik laid into O’Malley for his inability “to throttle his style down for the intimate medium of late-night TV,” instead deploying lofty rhetoric more worthy of a 25,000-seat convention hall.

While I agree that O’Malley typical struggles to match his speaking style to the situation, and that this interview is no exception, it actually went pretty well for him. O’Malley’s response (canned and dramatic though they were) generated a fair amount of applause.

Plus, he got plenty of help from Meyers, who complimented O’Malley’s physique (“If president doesn’t work out, can I recommend Secretary of Hunkery?”), made fun of Donald Trump on his behalf, highlighted his push for the U.S. to accept 65,000 Syrian refugees, and refrained from bringing up anything at all damaging or difficult to answer.

In fact, if this were your only exposure to O’Malley, it would be impossible to see him as anything other than the principled progressive underdog he wishes he were.

Here’s the interview, all cued up for you:

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