The Sexism of ‘Serial’ Truthers

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Jay Wilds Speaks Out

If you have been thinking about just starting to blog in-depth about the Serial podcast (if so, where have you been?) and you also happen to be a woman, brace yourself for some gender-based backlash from the Internet’s anonymous creep brigade.

The Daily Beast calls them “Serial truthers,” but they aren’t united by any single outlandish theory. They’re just obsessive, and cracked, and willing to make wild unsubstantiated claims against those women who actually attach their names to their unofficial investigations of Adnan Syed’s murder trial.

They’ve accused Serial host Sarah Koenig and advocate Rabia Chaudry of being in love with Syed, even throwing around the big, but misspelled, word “hybristophelia.” They’ve tried to get lawyer and blogger Susan Simpson fired, and they’ve sent her “gross” and “sexualized” comments. They called journalist Natasha Vargas-Cooper a “high-school slut” after she interviewed two figures involved with the case.

Certainly it’s not news that many creeps have Internet connections in 2015, but compare the backlash against Koenig, Chaudry, Simpson, and Vargas-Cooper with the experience of law school professor and Serial blogger Colin Miller. Miller told the Daily Beast that he hasn’t “gotten a single negative email” and has never received a “hostile” comment.


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