Molly Shattuck Indicted on Charges of Sexual Relationship with Minor

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Molly Shattuck

Molly Shattuck, former Ravens cheerleader and ex-wife of former Constellation CEO Mayo Shattuck, has been indicted by a Delaware grand jury for an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

The investigation stems from events that took place in both Delaware and in Baltimore County, WBAL reports.  TMZ Sports also picked up the story, as did sports site Deadspin. The alleged sexual activity happened in Bethany Beach. According to the WBAL report, the investigation centers on a night over Labor Day weekend when Shattuck and the boy stayed together at a rented beach house.

Friends of the family confirm that the minor is a high school sophomore.

The nine felony and misdemeanor charges against Shattuck, 47, are as follows: two counts of third-degree rape, four counts of unlawful sexual contact, and three counts of distributing alcohol to a minor.

Shattuck became the oldest woman to make an NFL cheerleading squad when she joined the Ravens’ team in 2005. After stepping away from cheerleading, she authored Vibrant Living, a book on healthy lifestyles. The Shattucks filed for divorce last month on September 29, 2014, according to court records, although the couple separated over one year ago.

For more details on the arrest and investigation, read this story.

McDonogh School sent a letter to parents about the case. Mrs. Shattuck is a parent there and has been banned from the campus because of the allegations.

Stephen Babcock contributed to this story.

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  1. This is incredibly sick and yet so very sad — Baltimore has helped Molly build her pedestal so high…it will be a very long fall. Prayers for the victim and his family, and especially for Molly’s children, who are the true innocent victims in this tragedy.

  2. 1. How does a HS sophomore spend a weekend at the shore with a 40-something cheerleader? Where were his parents?
    2. How lonely does a NFL cheerleader have to be to spend time with a high school kid?
    3. When I was 15, the notion of receiving sexual attention from a hot blonde woman was far beyond my fantasy capability – I can only imagine how this guy was blown away by the experience. Even Mrs Robinson was not so adventurous.

    • 1. He spent the weekend at the beach not just with her, but with a group of kids. She just preyed upon him.

      2. It’s not loneliness that led her to spend time with a 15 year-old, it’s wanting to believe she’s still “hot.”

      3. Ew.

    • I don’t know anything about the woman in question. However, I really worry how a 15 year old boy will be impacted. I’m a bit offended by the machismo. 15 year old boys aren’t supposed to be having sex with older women. Where does that leave his mind when he thinks of his normal relationships with girls his own age? If she is found guilty, I really worry about him and the impact. He may not even feel it for years, but he’ll feel it.

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