Shiny Happy Things Workshop at AVAM

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catch of the day fish (2)You know the gorgeous, super-shiny Universal Tree of Life. Its the enormously flashy sculpture in front of AVAM made from mirrors and bits of glass that’s one of Baltimore’s most beloved images. Well, on Saturday, January 17th, you can join its creator, Bob Benson for a fabulous one-day workshop to learn how to make your own “Flashies”; that is, those dynamic, sparkling decorations made from mirrors and marbles and everything that Benson has become known for. Participants will receive instruction on cutting and assemblage and will leave the workshop with at least two finished decorations to keep and dangle wherever they choose. It’s perfect for beginners, or for those who’ve done a bit of flashy-ifying before. 

To break it down a bit more, Flashies are simple strands of double mirrors hanging on a length of strong fishing filament. So, you won’t be doing any intensive building-facade-mosaic-covering at this particular workshop. But Flashies are weather-proof and can be hung outside when you’re done with them. They can light up a yard with Tinkerbell-like dancing spots of light, or do the same thing for your home. If you’ve ever wondered what (or who) is behind those iconic Baltimore mirror works, this workshop may just offer the kind of illumination you’re looking for.

The Flashies workshop with Bob Benson will be offered at AVAM on Saturday, January 17,  from 11am–2pm. The cost is $50 or $35  for museum members. Advanced registration is required. For more information, visit

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