That Shoplifter Who Hid in the Ceiling Only Stole $8.50

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Eight dollars and fifty cents. That’s how much in products a woman stole from an Arbutus Giant before escaping into the ceiling of the supermarket, prompting police to deploy SWAT teams and a scissor lift, reports WJZ.

You have to wonder whether her super-spy escape plan subconsciously inspired the heavy-duty response, but police said it was fear of the ceiling collapsing that prompted the mandatory evacuation and SWAT teams.

They said the woman was detained at the store’s loss prevention center for the pilfered goods (potato chips and hair accessories).  She only ran when needles were found in her bag.

After the seven-hour ordeal which resulted in her capture (and thankfully did not include the ceiling collapsing), the woman was taken to the hospital complaining of pain.


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