Should Hogan Ditch the Lt. Gov. Position?

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Should Hogan ditch the lieutenant governor position?
Hogan’s acceptance speech (via WJZ-TV)

Before voters re-established the office in 1970, Maryland had gone without a lieutenant governor for 102 years. And Barry Rascovar at Maryland Reporter thinks we ought to return to those days.

Rascovar points out that while the lieutenant governor claims a six-figure salary and is supported by a staff of eight, the position comes with zero constitutional powers. Lieutenant governors are occasionally assigned tasks by the governor, but for Rascovar, that doesn’t justify “wasting a million dollars a year.”

So should Governor-elect Hogan, who won with a campaign that promised to rein in government spending, appoint Boyd Rutherford (the lieutenant governor-elect) secretary of state and abolish the position?

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