Slavic Night at Ze Mean Bean Café

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Ze Mean Bean

catch of the day fish (2)We’ll be ze first to admit zat saying ze name of Ze Mean Bean Café can feel a bit…how you say…“silly.” But, nonezeless (okay, okay, we’ll stop) if you can get past that and see your way to the restaurant’s perfectly warming Eastern European specialties, you’ll be glad you did. After all, Slavic folks know a thing or two about using hot, hearty, seasonal food to get one through a cold winter. The restaurant’s uber-authentic award-winning borscht and handmade pierogis put traditional wintry staples to delicious use. And every Thusday night, they’re on special at Ze Mean Bean.

Slavic Thursdays mean you can count on dishes brimming with cabbage, beets, potatoes, and local farmer’s cheese—all the things that would have sustained Fievel Mousekewitz’s family during the winters before they emigrated. Besides the regular menu, Thursdays offer Slavic specials as well—recipes you’re unlikely to find elsewhere unless your Polish grandmother still does your cooking (in which case, can we come over some time?). And since it’s Ze Mean Bean, there’ll of course be Slavic beer flowing as well, and lively music to round out that Old Country feel.

Ze Mean Bean Café is located at 1739 Fleet Street in Baltimore. Visit for more information.

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  1. I love this place! I went a few years back, with some girlfriends of mine. There weren’t a lot of people there that night, and they had a fire going. We got to talking & laughing, and the owner came out and said “You ladies look like you’re having fun, can I join you?” He said down, ordered dessert, and spend a good 30 minutes talking and laughing with us. It was many years ago, and my out of town friends still talk about Ze Mean Bean! Your post just reminded me…it’s time to go back!

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