Slow Food Dinner at Carriage House Farms

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Slow Food Dinner

catch of the day fish (2)By now, many of us are familiar with the “slow food” movement—which is basically what it sounds like. Slow food advocates came about as a reaction to our country’s ongoing love affair with fast food. “Slow food,” they argued, was healthier for us, for the planet, and even for the economy. Not only that, slow food encourages dinner time conversation, family meal time, and breaking bread with our friends and neighbors. Also, it usually is extremely delicious. That’s the nature of food that’s had care and thought put into it—which is all slow food is, really. And on October 5th, Carriage House Farms invites you to their annual Slow Food Dinner to see just how wonderful an idea it is.

Carriage House Farms is a family-owned, 82-acre farm located just north of 695 in the Greenspring Valley. They raise chickens, heritage turkeys, bees, and more. For the slow food dinner, hosts Gaylord and Lee Ann Clark will prepare wild caught Alaskan salmon as well as other seasonal seafood delights. Lemonade and water will be provided, but guests are encouraged to bring a beverage of their choice, and a side dish or dessert to share. Just remember: keep it slow and leave the Ring-Dings at home.You’ll be glad you did.

The Annual Slow Food Dinner at Carriage House Farms takes place Sunday, October 5th. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

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