Smith College Club’s Annual Used Book Sale

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SCC Book Sale

catch of the day fish (2)Kindle owners need not read this post.  You can go curl up with your 100,000 titles in a sleek little device and not emerge until you’ve finished all of them. We won’t judge you (too harshly). But for those who still treasure their actual, tangible books, and the book shelves that fill their homes, here is the event of the season: Smith College Club’s 55th annual used book sale. How grand can a used book sale really be? Well, they’ll be holding it at the Timonium fairgrounds, if that gives you a rough idea. Think of it as if every Kindle and Nook ever made dumped its contents out, in real pages, across table, after table, after table. Add to that special collectors’ items—first editions, rare books, out-of-print stuff—and there you have it.

Now in its 55th year, the book sale serves as a fundraiser for scholarships for local women to attend Smith College (where, presumably, they will go on to read a lot of books). There’s an admission fee for those wanting to attend the first hour of the sale (mostly dealers and collectors, we presume? Or are rabid bookworms a thing, too?). But show up toward the end of the day and walk out with as many books as you can carry for $5.00. And the feeling of throwing down a five and then precariously making your way to your car, weighed down by thirty pounds of literature that threatens to topple over, and you can’t see over or around it, so you really hope you’re actually heading in the right direction? You’ll never get that with a Kindle.

The Smith College Club’s annual used book sale begins today and runs throughout the weekend. For more information, click here.

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