So I Guess the Horse Thing Is Illegal After All

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Photo via Twitter user @shereeny.
Photo via Twitter user @shereeny.

Unfortunately for anyone who was psyched that Baltimore might be seeing a resurgence of horseback riding (and carriage driving!) on city streets, the practice may not be as lawful as I previously supposed.

The Baltimore Sun‘s Luke Broadwater reported that unless you’re arabbing, horse exhibiting, or policing — and have all the proper permits — the Baltimore Health Department says you can’t ride your horse in the city.

And officials have said they are taking the stunt seriously. Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said that the activity is “certainly not something that contributes in a positive way to public safety.” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake expressed concern for the horses’ well-being.

“We’ve worked very hard with the Arabbers to try to improve the health of the animals that are engaged in that work,” she said. “We didn’t do that for the young people to go take them out of the stalls and ride them through the streets. That’s not what these animals expect, or want.”

After Twitter video of the incident went viral, the profile that posted the footage went from public to protected.



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  1. I grew up in the 1000 block of West Fayette Street and there was a stable a couple blocks away on Baltimore street. The arabbers used to allow rides and I would see people ridding horses all the time. It’s really how I learned how to ride horses..this is really much to do about nothing. If they were breaking law, than they should be consequences. The state of our city with its lack of resources should not and does not excuse unlawful behavior. And it is a great picture.

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