SOGH Brings Us Baltimore’s First Art Truck

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Art Truck 1

catch of the day fish (2)Once upon a time, you would have been hard pressed to find a decent food truck in this city. Then there was a while when you could sometimes find one or two in particularly lunch-breaky areas. Now they have their own rallies and are a staple of any outdoor event; making life in Baltimore tastier and more gourmet everyday. So when we heard that Baltimore’s own Shawn Theron has plans to open Baltimore’s first Art Truck (like a food truck, but for art), we of course got excited. Shawn is a local treasure, to be sure; and the possibility that his truck might start a trend resulting in a city dotted with mobile local art vendors has us simply elated. You’ve probably seen Theron’s work at the American Visionary Arts Museum, where he was included in the All Things Round exhibit in 2011/2012. He’s primarily known for his abstract paintings that feature almost celestial looking forms in saturated landscapes. He’s also known for keeping his work affordable. CBS recently named him one of the best places in Baltimore to purchase affordable art.

Art Truck 2

Now that Theron is putting his affordable art on wheels, you’ll be able to meet the artist face to face and discuss the work before you purchase it. We should mention that the Art Truck is not completely up and running yet. Theron is still in the process of turning his large, red box truck into a mobile gallery. He’s setting up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the money to complete the transformation.

According the Theron, the truck won’t just be a place to sell art, but also to hold “short, sweet, and fun” projects and events—“like stick figure drawing classes.” We’re in. And while we’re still waiting for Theron’s fundraising campaign to launch, he’s certainly whetting our appetite with some of the great rewards he’s preparing for backers. So far, he’s posted photos of keychains and art-on-a-stick (who knew that was a thing?) and surely he’s got even more up his sleeve. We’ll be watching the web for the launch of his campaign, and watching the roads for a big red truck selling fabulous, affordable art on our lunch breaks.

For more information about SOGH, Shawn Theron, and the Art Truck, visit

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