Someone Stole a 4-Year-Old’s Wheelchair in Langley Park

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wheelchairTheft is a bad policy, ethically speaking. But, eh, sometimes you’re stealing something like cable, and you come up with some way to justify it to yourself. But there is no way, I repeat: NO WAY, to justify stealing a child’s wheelchair.

According to WJZ, that’s what someone did in Langley Park on Sunday night. A woman left the wheelchair in the lobby of her apartment building while she carried her four-year-old son upstairs. By the time she went back down to grab it, it was gone.

The police have released this video of the suspect pushing the wheelchair through a parking lot.

In a statement, Prince George’s County Police Ken Humbel said, “The suspect we’re looking for has no heart.” So if you see anyone like that, please let them know.


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