Speak Up, Baltimore! (That’s You) – The Warnock Foundation is Listening

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catch of the day fish (2)How many dinner tables have you sat around in this city where people go on and on about what’s wrong around town, and how much better things would be if they were in charge? And how many of those lamenting regularly do their part by getting involved in programs where they could actually make a difference? Not really that many, we’re guessing. But then, most folks are pretty busy day to day, and sometimes the idea of volunteering for one more board or to sit in on one more meeting is more than we can bear. Fair enough. But there’s hope; thanks to the Warnock Foundation and their Speak Up Baltimore initiative, which gives the public (you know– you, me, everyone else you see around town) the chance to make our voices heard about what we’d like for our fair city.

Speak Up Baltimore manifests in a few different ways– and you can choose to participate as much or as little as you want. The simplest way is to simply fill out their survey. That’s fun, of course. We all love being asked our opinions. But for those looking to take civic participation even further, you can attend community meetings, suggest discussion topics, and even share your idea for how to improve the city. Based on the last round of shared ideas, the Warnock Foundation launched the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal. That means great ideas from community members don’t only get heard, they can also win funding and get published. It’s all part of the dream to make Baltimore one of the greatest cities in the US within the next few years. Sure, we all know that it is already The Greatest City in America– but why not keep striving to keep our place?

Speak Up Baltimore is a project of the Warnock Foundation. For information on how to get involved, visit www.speakupbaltimore.org.





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