Special February Package from Christopher Schafer Clothiers

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Christopher Schafer

catch of the day fish (2)Well, back to non-football-crazed reality. Not that we’re complaining. Frankly, the amount of sales, specials, shows, and other social/cultural offerings that we missed these past weeks—due to our Ravens-colored myopia—was becoming unsustainable. At the end of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy swears she’ll never again stray any farther than her own backyard. Similarly, we swear we’ll never again let the anticipation of one silly game blind us for so long to everything else going on. Or at least we’ll try. In any event, one fantastic offer we haven’t missed (thank goodness) is the special February deal from Christopher Schafer Clothiers—essentially a whole package of fine custom menswear for one inclusive price.

Christopher Schafer Clothiers (who’ve got so many Best of Baltimore awards it would take up this entire post for us to list them) designs and creates high-quality, exquisitely made suits for both men and women. Though they have their own line, the clothiers’ real reputation comes from their custom suits and shirts—particularly for men. February’s featured “European Package” includes a custom floating canvas suit made of Scabal fabric, two custom shirts made with British Cloth’s “Prince Edward Series” or Erba Italia shirtings. Plus, two handmade ties to complete your custom look. With Valentine’s Day coming up, this package could make a perfect gift for someone special; or as a way to dress yourself up for someone who deserves it. But then, as Derrick C. King (one of the three clothiers at Christopher Schafer) says: “I’ve never understood why we as men need an occasion just to put ourselves together. Why wait for an occasion to dress up? You should be the occasion.”  Indeed.

Christopher Schafer Clothiers is located at 1400 Aliceanna Street in Baltimore. For more information, visit www.christopherschafer.com.

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