Special Stoop Events for 2015

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catch of the day fish (2)Now that the holidays are over, surely we’ve all got lots of wild tales and war stories to tell. And winter is the perfect time for gathering around, and settling in for an evening of being regaled with a good yarn or two. There are plenty of ways to get in your share of The Stoop in the coming weeks– whether you go simply as an audience member, or as a potential storyteller yourself. Last Thursday’s Second Stoop theme was “Neighbors.” All night long at the Windup Space, we heard stories of lawn chairs claiming parking spots on snowy streets, television being watched on the front porch, and more of the Baltimore neighborliness we all know and (sometimes) love. Stoop Mainstage returns in February with  “Oh, Pioneers: Stories about trail-blazers, hell-raisers, and folks at the forefront.” And later in the season, “Unquiet Minds: Tales of mental health, mental illness, and the mysteries inside our heads” serves as the theme in April.  They need storytellers for each, so if one piques your interest, send them an e-mail. Or just show up and let others’ stories warm your heart for the night.

For more information on the Stoop Storytelling series and upcoming events, visit stoopstorytelling.com.

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