SPLC Removes Ben Carson from Its Extremist Files

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SPLC removes Carson from their Extremist Files
Dr. Ben Carson

Despite his penchant for gross overstatement (Obamacare is “slavery in a way” and worse than 9/11) and doomsday predictions (the government may attempt a “takeover of the people’s rights” that requires armed resistance; heck we may not even have elections in 2016), it was strange to see his name among the white supremacists and Klansmen of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Extremist Files.” (I mean, does he really belong on a list with Fred Phelps?)

And now that enough media outlets have raised a stink, SPLC has scrubbed his name from the list and issued a qualified apology, saying that while the group “laud[s] Dr. Carson for his many contributions to medicine and his philanthropic work,” they believe his “views should be closely examined.”


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