Square Dance at the Mobtown Ballroom

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Square Dance

catch of the day fish (2)Ever wanted to swing with your neighbor? No, we don’t mean like that. We’re talking about the kind that comes with some good old fashioned square dancing. I mean, yes, you may swing with your neighbor, but you also bow to your corner, do-si-do your partner, and promenade with the whole gang, of course. And it’s all a surprisingly good time. This Saturday, you can channel your inner foot-stomper, enjoy some fabulous music, and dance to “only the most exciting squares.” Think that’s an oxymoron? Au contraire! These dances are a genuine hoot for newcomers and old hands alike. And square dancing wouldn’t still be around if it didn’t tap into that pure human thing of how-can-this-actually-be-that-much-fun.

This particular affair is thanks to The Mobtown Ballroom (our favorite place to find good old fashioned partner dancing around these parts). They’ve teamed up with the Baltimore Old Time Jam  to give this event all the old-fashioned charm that a kick-butt square dance should have. Of course you don’t need to bring a partner (you can snag a new one for every song), and all the dances will be taught and called. That means that if you don’t know whether to do-si-do or allemande, don’t fret. Just stick out a hand and someone will spin you in the right direction—cowboy boots and all.

The Mobtown Ballroom is located at 861 Washington Boulevard in Baltimore. The dance will be held on Saturday, Nov 23rd.Doors at 7:30, dance at 8.  $8/$7 for students.

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