St. Patrick’s Day at Liam Flynn’s

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Liam Flynns

catch of the day fish (2)Like all good Irish folks, those guys over at Liam Flynn’s Ale House have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all weekend. Heck, maybe even all week. Whether you’re already corned-beef-and-cabbaged-up-to-here or haven’t yet gotten around to pouring yourself a pint of something green, today’s the official day when we’re really supposed to go all out. After all, traditionally those pesky Lent restrictions are lifted on this day. So whatever vice or luxury you may be giving up for the month is fair game for this glorious 24 hours. Quick! Get thee to some red meat and alcohol! And while you’re at it, help Liam Flynn’s celebrate the opening of their fully operational kitchen.

Liam Flynn’s hasn’t been on North Avenue that long, but they’re already a much appreciated addition to the Station North Arts District. It’s a laid back place to get a pint (and now, food) with that traditional Irish pub atmosphere. Today they’re open for lunch, of course, but if you come back in the evening there will be live Irish music as they conclude their weekend-long St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Evening is also traditionally a better time for lifting those Lenten restrictions and tying one on. Tends to go over slightly better than trying to squeeze that in on your lunch break, you know?

Liam Flynn’s Ale House is located at 22 W. North Ave in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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