Strawberry Fields Lipstick (and everything else) from Angelberry Organics

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Angelberry Organics

catch of the day fish (2)Here at Catch of the Day, we try really hard to be specific about what we like. We try to only share the good stuff. You know how it is when you take a friend to your favorite restaurant and it feels so good to be able to say, “ooh, try the ____. It’s amazing.” There’s the confidence of picking a good establishment, but there’s that extra pride in knowing the absolute best, most special thing they have to offer. It’s just not as exciting when you find yourself (or the server) saying, “oh, everything’s equally good here.” But at the same time, sometimes everything really is good! And so, without extending our metaphor too much further, we bring you Angelberry Organics, the totally amazing (and local) why-would-you-buy-cosmetics-from-anyone-else-no-really-why? company whose natural line of beauty products features one of the least natural-looking, but most cosmic products of recent memory: Strawberry Fields liquid lipstick.

So just to be clear: Angelberry Organics makes a fantastic line of lip colors, eye colors, foundations, and more, and more, and more.  We’re going to just flat-out recommend them all. The products are suitable for vegans, made from natural minerals, and free from so many of the dyes, preservatives, and other unpronounceables that run rampant in most cosmetics. Founded a few years ago by two enterprising Baltimoreans, Angelberry already has a devout following—from those who use their specially-formulated baby products, to those who special order products for weddings and other events. But the real star of the show, as far as we’re concerned, is their new lipstick color, Strawberry Fields. It’s just so freaking special—so rich, fun, and self-confidence asserting, that we kind of want to name it the official lip color of Baltimore. Can we do that? Are all the other local lip-color wearers in? Because we’re ready when you are.

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