Sunday Brunch at Cunningham’s

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Brunch at Cunningham's

catch of the day fish (2)Boy do we feel late to this party. For years we’ve been lamenting Baltimore’s less-than-overwhelming selection of brunch options. Yes, there are the old standbys: Miss Shirley’s, and, um, Miss Shirley’s. But in all seriousness, even with the sudden boom of new restaurants that have opened in the last couple years (including Johnny’s Downstairs, which we have to give major props to for their scrumptious comfort food brunches), a weekend morning just doesn’t offer the range of plate-filling, sweet and savory options that we’re looking for. So when we were finally made deliciously aware of Cunningham’s Sunday brunches, we were happy to add them to our list of go-tos.

Brunch should feel special, right? That’s why we want a new locale every week. Is that so much to ask? Well, maybe. But frankly, Cunningham’s brunch (both prix fixe and a la carte) is so lovely that it might just move into regular rotation. This brunch is particularly good for groups with a variety of tastes and needs. Want to fill up on rich pastries, sweet delights, and all things not-that-good-for-you? They’ve got your number. Looking to stick to fresh vegetables, seafood, and generally lighter fare? You can do that, too. Honestly, our one complaint is that it’s Sundays only, but we figure maybe if we start loitering around on Saturday mornings they’ll get the idea and expand. You never know.

Cunningham’s is located at 1 Olympic Place in Towson. Brunch is served Sundays from 11am-2pm. For more information, visit

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