Superstorm Sandy Leaves Little in Wake

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The worst I could find was this branch blocking a road.

Gov.  Martin O’Malley was on NPR this morning reporting hundreds of thousands of power outages. While that sounds dramatic, he said he was expecting a million. We were spared. When I went out to check on the damage this morning, fully expecting to find trees down and streets flooded, I happily discovered kids on bikes,


 and pet lovers walking the dog.  There was no wind and just a drizzle of rain, and only one traffic light — at Gittings and Bellona — was out.

The flooded part of Ruxton Road that we showed earlier today, has now subsided and is passable.

Graul’s is open too! All the stores — Giant, Rite Aid, Eddie’s — were open, but Starbucks was closed (although employees were inside, so you could get your caffeine fix later, I bet).

I don’t want to be responsible for anyone spinning out on a slippery, leaf-covered road, so stay inside (unless you’re really desperate).  From what I could see from Johns Hopkins Homewood campus all the way up Charles Street to the beltway, it’s not that bad out there.  Other neighborhoods may have a different story to tell (anything near Fells Pt. is sure to be flooded), so please send along pictures from your neck of the woods.

Susan Dunn

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