Supporters of Israel and Palestine Clash at Penn Station

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Israel and Palestine

The IsraelGaza conflict that began July 8 and has claimed the lives of 1,376 Palestinians (as of today, mostly civilians) and 59 Israelis (as of yesterday, mostly soldiers) came home to Baltimore when opposing groups of protesters clashed outside Penn Station on Wednesday night.

According to WJZ, the two sides started out separated by 10 feet of fencing and began shouting at each other within minutes, and a police presence formed. 

Supporters of Israel said they believe “innocent people dying are all because of [Palestinian group] Hamas,” perhaps alluding to the Israeli assertion that the inordinate civilian Palestinian deaths are the result of Hamas using civilians as human shields. One pro-Israel protester told the Baltimore Sun his sister nearly died from a missile attack in Tel Aviv.

Supporters of Palestine said they believe Israel doesn’t “have any interest in peace” and that critics of the Israeli government are unfairly characterized as antisemites in the United States.


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