Sweater Bottle Insulators at South Moon Under

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Bottle Insulators

catch of the day fish (2)We try to keep it classy here at Catch of Day, but of course, we wouldn’t be Baltimoreans without a taste for kitsch. And as block parties and barbecues start to get underway this season, you’re sure to see a variety of beer cozies on parade at any outdoor affair worth its salt. Beer cozies don’t always project an image of good taste, but maybe that’s because you’re starting from a baseline of drinking canned beer. Upgrade to bottles and you’re ready for the amazing line of bottle insulators by Freaker, that have just arrived at South Moon Under.

Even the most discerning of us have occasional weakness for something a bit lower-brow. And when a new accessory shows up on the shelf of South Moon Under, it’s easy to be deceived. South Moon Under is chock full of stylish clothes, ensembles you can wear anywhere, and home goods and gifts that are funky and eclectic while still letting everyone know you’re a grown-up (which you are, right?). These bottle insulators (see? We can’t even call them “cozies”—they’re too good or that) come in a variety of designs that could even pass for being heirlooms passed down by your grandmother who knit them herself. And even if that’s a stretch, it should at least tell you this is definitely not your average beverage-insulation-accessory.

South Moon Under has a number of locations in and around Baltimore, including one in Harbor East at 815 Aliceanna St. For more information, visit www.southmoonunder.com.

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