Swimming and Dining at The Tiki Barge

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Swimming at Tiki Barge

catch of the day fish (2)You don’t need us to tell you that it’s hot. And not just hot, but Baltimore-in-the-summer hot. Who could have predicted? Well, if you’re starting to need to up the cool-down factor in your life, you might want to spring for a membership to the Tiki Barge pool. You may recall how they caused a stir a year or two ago by turning the pool from open access to members only. And yeah, we grumbled a bit at the time, but with all the benefits of membership, these folks are definitely making it a worthy investment. They offer discounted drinks, food, and exclusive access to members only events throughout the season. And besides—you know it’s going to be hot long past Labor Day. This pool is open until September 21st, making it the city’s longest private swimming season.

When you become a member of the Tiki Barge pool, you automatically get 10% off all food and drink at the grill. Do a little math and you realize that the money you’ll save that way can almost make up for the cost of membership if you go frequently enough (okay, maybe that is quite a few Sex-on-the-Beaches and burgers to put away while swimming, but whatever). The point is, you could do worse for your summer happy hour than a place that includes shuttle service on the pier, a fresh summer menu, a pool with one of the city’s best views, and towel service when it’s all over. Tiki Barge, we just can’t stay mad at you.

The Tiki Barge is located at 500 Harborview Drive in Baltimore. For hours and membership information, visit www.tikibargebmore.com.

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