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Aquadopting…Yes, it’s what it sounds like.


Aqaudopting at the Baltimore Aquarium

Adopting an animal can bring so many joys into a home. There’s the constant companionship, the soft fur you can run your hands along, the days spent strolling through the park chatting up other parents of mutts. Sure, those things are alright. But what if you want a pet that can excrete a totally unique toxin from its scales when it senses danger or feels just a little stressed out? You’d have to track down the  mother of a longhorn cowfish. And then convince it that your covetous self wasn’t worthy of her toxic spray. Unlikely. Especially if you don’t speak Cowfish. But luckily, the folks at the National Aquarium have anticipated this debacle and are offering Aquadopting—the opportunity to “adopt” (yeah, okay, you don’t get to take the cowfish home with you) an animal at the aquarium.

The Aquarium has more than 16,000 hungry mouths to feed and they are committed to providing all of them with the best care. Aquadopting helps offset the high costs of veterinary care and food. Aquadopting makes a great holiday gift as well—it’s not only fun, but also educational. When you find yourself wondering what you can get for the person who has everything, think “cowfish.” Adoption packages vary based on the level you choose, but can include a personalized adoption certificate, fun facts about the animal, a cuddly plush version of your adopted animal, and even tickets to the aquarium.

To find out more about Aquadopting, visit www.aqua.org.