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Towson: Terrible at Basketball, Good at Computers


Towson anti-hacking team makes NationalsWhile Towson University might have the worst college basketball team in America (sorry, Tigers), at least one of the school’s teams is on a winning streak.  They came out tops in the seventh annual CyberWatch Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, in which a fake hospital computer network (complete with patient records, GPS tracking, phone/computer networks, and a medication dispensing station) was attacked by a group of nefarious hackers; the Towson team was one of 25 that tried to stop them.

Towson’s anti-hacking team has proved victorious before.  It won the 2011 Maryland Cyber Challenge, the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional, and the 2010 CSC Cyb3rBatll3ground Competition. (If you can’t read the name of that last one, there’s no chance you’d ever make the cyber defense team.)

The group, which is coached by math professor Mike O’Leary, advances to nationals in San Antonio on April 20-22. W00t!

Listen Up Loyola: Lessons from a Fellow NCAA Underdog


Lessons from a fellow NCAA underdog

After the thrill of success comes the agony of having to do it again. In Loyola of Maryland’s case, their foray into the 2012 NCAA tournament — their first in nearly two decades — won’t be easy. They’re slated to play  Ohio State in Pittsburgh on Thursday. The Buckeyes are a 2 seed; Loyola is 15. According to the logic of seeding, they don’t stand a chance. But I can’t help but be hopeful, especially when I remember how people were talking in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia last year.

Back then, another small, obscure mid-Atlantic school with a charismatic coach and low expectations from the wider world made the tournament as a wild card pick. Then Virginia Commonwealth University went on to power through all the way to the Final Four. Their improbable success galvanized Richmond, and is still celebrated on billboards all over town. Here are a few lessons the Greyhounds could take from the Rams:

Baltimore Team Makes NCAA Tournament


Seventeen years is a long time to wait. So it’s a good thing that last night, Loyola University (of Maryland, natch) won a basketball game that just happened to be kind of important. After beating Fairfield 48-44, Loyola clinched the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) title, earing them a spot in the 2012 NCAA tournament for the first time since Bill Clinton was president.

This is fresh territory for the Greyhounds, who have only made it to the conference finals once before, back in 1994. Since then, times got tougher. In 2003-4, the team won one game (yes, one) and lost twenty-seven, giving it the worst record in all of college basketball. But this year has been different in a lot of ways, most of them very good. Consider that if the Greyhounds win just one more game, they’ll tie the school’s record for victories in a single season… which was set back in 1948-49!

Of course, those victories become harder-won in the NCAA tournament. But head coach Jimmy Patsos believes in his team. And recent years have seen surprising upsets by smaller, lesser-known teams. Why not put them all the way in your office bracket?

Watch a video of the team celebrating here.

Shaquille O’Neal to Play for Maryland Next Year?


Well, his full name is Shaquille O’Neal Cleare, but his parents were exhibiting an incredible amount of prescience when naming him — this Shaquille grew into a six-foot nine-inch, 280-pound basketball star averaging twenty-six points per game. He’s currently one of the country’s top ranked high school seniors, playing for Houston’s Village School. And he’s attending the University of Maryland next fall, where Terps’ coach Mark Turgeon hopes he will be the key to some new momentum for the team.

Cleare’s interesting life story and positive personality is sure to become a favorite of Maryland fans: the native Bahamian “came from the gutter,” listens to positive music, and recites Bible verses every morning. Plus, he wears Under Armour sneakers. Baltimore likes him already.

Towson’s Basketball Team Sets an Unfortunate Record


Even having Bill Murray’s son as an assistant coach (and getting surprise visits from the First Family) hasn’t been able to help the Towson Tigers this year. This past week, the team lost to Georgia State (57-42), marking their eighteenth loss of the season.

Which is bad enough. But combine that with the teams nineteen (oof) losses last year, and the Tigers are on a roll — a bad roll! — losing 37 games in a row, and setting an NCAA Division I record.

The cards are stacked against the team
; they play in the Colonial Athletic Association conference, which includes (relative) powerhouses like George Mason, Old Dominion, and last year’s Final Four surprises, VCU (go Rams!!!!). Maybe the team’s new head coach, Pat Skerry, will be able to turn things around.

Under Armour Makes Custom Basketball Shoes for President Obama


Courtesy of Citybizlist – Under Armour has reportedly designed a pair of basketball shows for President Barack Obama complete with the presidential seal.

“Barack gets unreleased Under Armour shoes because he is literally the most powerful man in the world. If you think about it, it makes sense. What shoe company wouldn’t send a basketball-playing president a pair of their shoes, just on the off chance he’ll be photographed carrying them and giving a thumbs up? I’m guessing it was the same thing with denim shirt makers and President Bush,” according to a post on The Score. 

Read more at citybizlist

Obama, Bill Murray Stop by Towson Basketball Game


It’s been a pretty good year for the Towson Tigers. Last year, the men’s football team didn’t win a single game in the Colonial Athletic Association league; this year they won the championship. And the men’s basketball team had two famous fans — President Barack Obama and actor Bill Murray — there to cheer them on during Saturday’s game against Oregon State.

Okay, so Obama wasn’t officially cheering on the Tigers — his brother-in-law Craig Robinson coaches Oregon State. But Obama is the first U.S. president to visit the Towson campus, so no one cared much who he was rooting for. When the First Family (yep, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha — and Michelle’s mother, Marian — all came, too) entered the Towson Center, they got a standing ovation to the tune of “Hail to the Chief.” Coordinating the president’s trip involved 150 law enforcement officers, including 30 of the school’s 50 campus police.

And what about Bill? Turns out his son Luke is a new assistant coach for the Tigers. He chatted with Obama for a few minutes at half time, and probably enjoyed not being the biggest celebrity in the arena.  (Watch the video of the two shaking hands at the Baltimore Sun. Bill Murray still has the best face.)
Ultimately, the Tigers were outmatched by the bigger, more experienced Beavers (66-46), but the score isn’t what people will remember from this game, I’m guessing.