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Tie One On with Local Bow Tie Co.


Bow Tie co

catch of the day fish (2)Pee-wee Herman. Karl Marx. Winston Churchill. Groucho Marx. Stan Laurel. Fred Astaire. Karl Lagerfeld. Saul Bellow. And of course, Snagglepuss (you know, the very dapper talking, anthropomorhpic Hanna-Barbera mountain lion). What do all they all have in common? Well, they all always looked great, of course. And why? What can we attribute it to? Mm…. the bow tie. What’s more classic? More sophisticated-yet-fun? And unlike regular old neckties, bow ties can go great with women’s outfits, and even dress up a hair-do. And we’ve got a fantastic local bow-tie company right here in Baltimore, so why not push for a city-wide fashion statement?