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Chief Md. District Court Judge Cautions Judges on How They Set Bail



The top judge in the District Court of Maryland appears to agree with Attorney General Brian Frosh in his argument that setting bail unreachably high for defendants is wrong.

Maryland Unveils Online Voting Machines for the Blind



New voting machines equipped with Braille will allow vision-impaired Marylanders to vote without assistance this year, satisfying a federal court mandate.

Maryland AG Asks Courts To Change Bail Rules, Particularly for the Poor



Attorney General Brian Frosh says he wants justice for poor defendants around Maryland. He penned a letter today to the body that makes practices for Maryland’s court system asking them to change the rules for setting bail.

AARP Maryland and Attorney General Brian Frosh Team Up to Fight Fraud: Scam Jam and Paper Shred at Linden Park Apts., Thursday, Oct. 20



Scam Jam and Paper Shred at Linden Park Apts., October 20 at 10 am

Scammers and identity thieves steal billions from Americans every year, and seniors may be especially vulnerable. That’s why AARP Fraud Watch Network and the Maryland Attorney General’s Office are hosting a free presentation for area residents on how to spot and avoid identity theft and fraud.

Maryland Plans to Sue Volkswagen


11_Private VW - 318

Remember when Volkswagen cheated on all those emissions tests? Well, we’re suing them for it.

Company Sued for Ripping Off Baltimore’s Lead-Poisoning Victims

Brian Frosh
State Attorney General Brian Frosh

Access Funding, a Chevy Chase company, bought out the structured settlements of many of Baltimore’s lead-poisoning victims for pennies on the dollar. Now state Attorney General Brian Frosh is targeting them with a civil suit for fraud.

If You Use Your Phone, You’re OK Being Surveilled Maryland AG Says



Maryland’s use of Stingray cellphone tracking technology caused quite a bit of controversy when it became public knowledge last year. But Brian E. Frosh, Maryland’s attorney general, thinks the drama is overblown.

Offshore Drilling Would Risk Ruining Chesapeake Bay, Says Md. AG


Oil_platform_P-51_(Brazil)The debate over whether to allow offshore drilling in the Atlantic is quietly bubbling to the surface. On Monday, Maryland’s Attorney General weighed in on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay.