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Tony Hale Speaks on Campus at the Calvert School



Tony Hale’s favorite color is yellow. This was part of the inspiration for the look of the main character in his new children’s book, Archibald’s Next Big Thing. Archibald, a semi-bald, extra-ordinary chicken, sets out on many great adventures, accompanied by a buzzing bee.

With the color yellow brightening the pages and a bee buzzing an important message, it is fitting that Hale spoke at Calvert on Saturday night.

When filming the HBO sitcom Veep in Baltimore, Hale stops in aMuse Toys for gifts for his eight-year-old daughter. Owned by Calvert parents Tom and Claudia Towles, aMuse Toys and Calvert School were perfect venues to host events publicizing Hale’s new book with an important moral.The bee’s message? “Just bee.”

Hale, an Emmy-award winning actor, began his career always looking to the next big thing. “The thoughts of an actor aren’t very different from Archibald’s. I always find myself looking ahead to the next big role, the next big opportunity, obsessed with the question, ‘What’s next, what’s next, WHAT’S NEXT!?’ But embracing and enjoying the PRESENT is a message I want both my daughter and myself to remember. Every. Single. Day.”
Hale also discussed his years playing Buster Bluth on Arrested Development and the fun he had working with and befriending Liza Minnelli. Hale had the audience laughing with each story about Minnelli, just as Hale says co-star Will Arnett would have the cast laughing on set.
Playing Gary Walsh on Veep is another source of laughter for Hale, both on and off the set. The cast loves to dine together, and can sometimes be seen enjoying the many wonderful restaurants Baltimore has to offer. Hale has had a chance to get to know and love our city while filming here. The architecture, waterfront areas, and of course the food are some of the things that endear Charm City to him.
After playing so many loved roles on successful shows and authoring a children’s book, you might be wondering what’s next for Tony Hale, but he isn’t wondering. He’s going to enjoy right now.


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Students Express Themselves With Music, Drama, and Visual Arts at Calvert School


Calvert School


The Arts at Calvert School

Our students are bright, inquisitive, and creative. Throughout their years at Calvert, they are given significant opportunities in music, theater, dance, visual arts, digital arts, art history, and much more. These components of our curriculum are equally as important to the learning process as our strong academic program.

Students express themselves in imaginative ways and are encouraged to broaden their educational experience while expanding their talents. Our facilities include an auditorium that’s used for Lower School drama productions and special events, a Black Box Theater, which is home to our Middle School performers, a dance studio, and two beautifully-lit art studios.

Striving For Academic Excellence at Calvert School


Calvert SchoolAcademic Excellence

At Calvert School, the youngest students begin their education with a focus on the fundamentals. Children are taught the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic to develop a mastery of these subjects through their course of study in the Lower School.

As early as Fifth Age, children are learning reading and math skills, as well as being introduced to a foreign language. Beginning in the Seventh Age, students learn the formal Calvert Script and how to develop and write compositions. Also at this time, students begin to keep folder papers, a collection of work that is corrected and perfected over the school year so that students learn from their mistakes and master those skills that will prepare them for future academic excellence.

By Tenth Age, students have mastered these fundamentals and are ready to enter the Calvert Middle School with a sense of purpose and pride in their work.

At Calvert School Passionate Teachers are Instilling Curiosity in Students


Student Life

(from the Calvert School site)

Although a student’s day at Calvert School is full of purpose and concentration, it is also well balanced with opportunities for curiosity and exuberance. Part of our mission is to engage and ignite the inherent desire of all children to explore and understand the world around them.

Our teachers are passionate about enhancing our students’ education through fine arts, technology, extra-curricular activities, community outreach, and athletics. Most important, they transfer this passion to our children, which will lead them to become productive and responsible members of
their communities.

Calvert School prepares its graduates to embrace the challenges awaiting them with confidence, a love of learning, and a growing sense of themselves and their place in the world. We work to preserve the traditions that have been important to so many of our students through generations, but we also strive to inspire students to cultivate new interests and passions.

Financing an Independent School Education Session at the Independent Schools Admission Workshop




From the Calvert School Website:

Independent School Admission Workshop to be Held at Calvert

Choosing a school for your child can be both exciting and overwhelming. Join us for an introduction to the independent school admission process. The Calvert School Admission Team will explain the process step by step and provide helpful tools and ideas to get you started.

Thursday, May 8, 2014
9:30 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.

A Checklist for Independent School Admission
Overview of the Admission process for AIMS schools
Katie Wareheim, Director of Student Recruitment

The Right School Fit: Principles, Practices, & Programs
Questions for parents to ask during the admission process
Nicole Webster, Director of Admission & Enrollment Services

Financing an Independent School Education
Demystifying the financial aid process
Joe McGraw, Director of Finance & Operations

Coffee reception to follow

Calvert School
4300 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Register to [email protected] or (410) 243-6054 ext. 106

Calvert School Appoints New Headmaster

Andrew Holmgren, appointed Calvert's seventh head master.
Andrew Holmgren, appointed Calvert’s seventh head master.

Calvert School last week announced the appointment of a new headmaster. Mr. Andrew Holmgren, currently Head of the Middle School at New York City’s Collegiate School, will take the helm as Calvert’s seventh headmaster beginning July 1, 2013.

Holmgren comes to Calvert with an abundance of professional experience in academia. Prior to his current position, he served as dean of Academic Affairs and director of Admission at Fairfield Country Day School in Fairfield, Connecticut. Holmgren also has taught Latin and coached several sports.

Holmgren’s affiliation with independent schools began with his own education. He graduated from the Roxbury Latin School in Boston, Massachusetts before earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Arts from Fordham University; he focused on Medieval Studies in both undergraduate and graduate school.

An Inspiring Midshipman and a Baltimore Boy Brought Together by Tradition and Fate

Photo by Justin Klein

The U.S. Naval Academy made history last month when Midshipman Kevin Hillery became the first paraplegic to graduate.  At the May 29 graduation, he commemorated the landmark occasion with a wheelie off the stage, to the thrill of his 1,098 classmates and an awestruck audience. Among those in the crowd that morning was 10-year old Charlie, a rising fifth grader at Calvert School in Baltimore, who, along with his grandparents and cousin, was watching a relative graduate.  For Charlie, seeing the Blue Angels fly over Naval Stadium, participating in the famous hat toss, and witnessing Hillery’s wheelie were thrills he would never forget.  Little did he know how intertwined the memories would become.