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Adopt a Pet: Baltimore Humane Society’s Pets of the Week


Hello. My name is Halo and I came to BHS because my owners said they didn’t have enough time to spend with me anymore. I am a super sweet, big dog who is full of energy. Even though I’m big, I will try to lay on your lap and snuggle up with you. I’ve lived with other dogs before so if you have another dog we should meet to make sure everyonegets along. I’ve never been around cats, though, so I’d have to be cat tested. I also lived with small children and although I am a big boy and roughhoused with them, I never hurt them. I enjoy going for walks and also like playing with tennis balls and eating frozen kongs. The staff here really like me because I am very friendly and fun to play with. Please come to BHS soon to visit and take me for a walk!

Adopt a Pet: Baltimore Humane Society’s Pets of the Week


Hi there! My name is Aurora. I was brought me to BHS because my landlord was going to evict my owner if she kept me. Can you imagine? A sweet little thing like me?! I’ve been here since May 2011, and I’m the dog that’s been here the longest now. I guess it’s because I like to take my time to get to know people. I’m a bit scared of men — especially loud men — and I may growl a little until I learn to trust you; please don’t take it personally! I’m looking to be the queen canine of the castle, so if you already have a dog, your home may not be the best fit for me. However, cats don’t bother me unless they start to swat or hiss.

Major Cattitude: Scenes from the Maryland Cat Show

Photo by Becca Morrin

The parking lot attendant eyes our car. “You guys are here for–”
We don’t even let him finish: “The cat show!” we say in unison.
Does he maybe look a little scared?

Adopt a Pet: Baltimore Humane Society’s Pets of the Week


Tippy is an English Staffordshire Terrier. He is a happy boy with lots of love to give and lots of energy to play. He absolutely loves playing with tennis balls – it’s one of his all-time favorite games. Tippy is a member of the Pit 6 Crew who was found living in terrible conditions. He lived at Animal Control for two long years pending the conviction of his owner on animal abuse charges. Despite all of this, Tippy is a happy, well- adjusted dog with a larger-than-life personality. He has lots of love to give and lots of energy to play. He also enjoys going for long walks and just taking in the fresh air. Tippy has been given an education in both manners and obedience, and he is doing great! You should see this guy perform! If you adopt Tippy, he will also come with behavioral and obedience consultation for life – what a great deal! This is a good boy who loves attention and affection, and is looking for that special someone to provide the same! If you have plenty of love to give and are ready to receive, come meet Tippy! You won’t be disappointed!

Adopt a Pet: Baltimore Humane Society’s Pets of the Week


Hello. My name is Disney and I am a Rat Terrier Mix who was originally brought here in 2011 because my owner had too many animals and figured that BHS could find me a good home. I was adopted, but have come back recently because I wasn’t really getting along with the children in the house. It may be because they intimidated me or were too much for me, so it is probably best that I be in a home with older children. So far I have gotten along very well with all of the humans I have come in contact with. I have also gotten along with the dogs that are next to me here, but if you have a dog at home we would do a dog intro to see if we like each other. I love to play with stuffed animals and squeaky toys. I also like to give you kisses if I know you well. If you would like to meet me so I can give you a kiss then please visit BHS very soon. Thank you!


Hello. My name is Dipper and I was brought to BHS from another shelter who had no room for me.
I am a sweet girl who likes attention and to be rubbed. I am also pretty well behaved at the vet or when medical stuff is done to me, which is a good thing. Unfortunately no information is known about me from the other shelter. The best thing for you to do is come to BHS so that we can meet outside of my cage and see if I am the right fit for you or your family. I am microchipped, up to date on vaccines and already spayed. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

Announcing Donated Media: MD SPCA


Baltimore Fishbowl’s Donate Media Program gives one-year of free media to a selected non-profit. This year’s recipient is the Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Learn more about the Donated Media program at the bottom of the page. 

The MDSPCA Executive Director Aileen Gabbey kicks off the program with her interview below.

What is a typical workday like for you? Our mission is to help pets and people, so I need to stay focused on that. Recently, most of my time has been devoted to opening our new building, which was very exciting! Now, I have the fun of sharing that with our supporters! I’ll give tours of our new building; I’ll share happy stories with the media; I’ll spend time with staff and volunteers on our annual goals. I also spend time working with fellow directors in our Baltimore shelter alliance. Right now, we’re doing a big joint spay and neuter event together, which has been just great.

What is the most important thing the Maryland SPCA accomplished in 2010? The new building is definitely the big highlight! Our Board worked tirelessly on the campaign and our Staff worked wonders while we were under construction. While all of this was going on, we also opened a new wellness clinic, adopted almost 3,000 pets, neutered over 8,000 dogs and cats, and took in over 1,200 animals from the BARCS city shelter. We don’t sit still!

What is your highest/most ambitious goal for 2011? Hardest challenge? We want to keep focused on helping pets and people and each year we want to help more and more. This year, we want to increase our spay and neuter surgeries by 10%. We want to help more pets through our wellness clinic. I guess our challenge will be to let people know we still need help. Despite the success of the new building, we still have animals inside who have lots of needs!

Share some inspiring animal news! One of my favorite dogs recently was Stewie. He’s a five-year-old Lab we took in from the city shelter. Not only is Stewie older, he’s also blind. There is no time limit for an animal’s stay at the MD SPCA, so we know it takes a little longer for older or handicapped pets to get adopted. The dogs go out several times a day with our volunteers. I frequently saw Stewie out with his volunteer friends, warming his face in the sun. It took a few weeks, but, Stewie finally got adopted! I’ve attached his picture the day he went home with his new mom.

What can Baltimore animal lovers do to help the MD SPCA most effectively? Come help and spread the word that we need help! We don’t receive any operating funds from the government or the ASPCA. That surprises a lot of people. We rely on kind-hearted people to donate and volunteer.

How many pets do you have? And, are you sometimes tempted to adopt your rescues? People assume I am going to have a full house! My husband and I actually have just one dog and one cat, both from the MD SPCA. I try not to overdo it. But, I have to say, it is really tempting sometimes when I see the cute faces as I walk through each day!