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The New New York Fried Chicken Building Brings New Life to the Station North Arts District

Photo (and rooster art) by Gaia

The former New York Fried Chicken building on the corner of North Avenue and Charles Street used to be a monument to late night bad-decision eating (oh, those little styrofoam tubs of mac n cheese!); but since it was shuttered over a year ago, it’s become a symbol of the precarious state of Station North, a neighborhood hovering somewhere between gentrification and neglect. So we were excited to hear about the recently-announced plans to redevelop the building and incorporate it into the area’s thriving arts community.

Charles Street Construction Closing Chaos: Nevermind

Johns Hopkins - Charles Village - Charles Street Reconstruction
Photo by Casey Prather

Starting this past spring, we’ve been dreading the traffic and noise and general chaos that was sure to arrive when the major Charles Street reconstruction closed several main trafficways in Charles Village. When it didn’t happen, we were relieved — and a little puzzled. “July!” the planners claimed. “Seriously, things are gonna start getting crazy in July!” A few months later:  “And by July, we meant September. For real this time. September.” And each of those times, we believed them. Silly us.

Charles Street Detours Begin

Charles Street construction
Photo by Casey Prather

They said Spring 2012, but nothing happened. “Later this month!” they promised back in July — but the roads remained clear. It started to seem as though the ultimately-good-but-really-stressful-for-the-next-few-years reconstruction of Charles Street might not happen at all. But as all you commuters probably noticed, the re-routing begins this week; Charles Street is down to one lane between 28th Street and University Parkway, and the southbound carriage lane is now closed. Traffic updates here; alter your commute accordingly.

Charles Street: Thoughts on Urban Duality


Baltimore Fishbowl intern Moses Hubbard, Mt. St. Joe ’11, wrote the following essay as part of his high school senior project. Moses and friends collaborated on “a multimedia artistic rendering of Baltimore,” ultimately completing a short movie with music. Moses’s writing served as the film’s poetic narration. “We felt a weird sort of pull from the city, like gravity, that none of us could ignore,” he says. Moses is a rising sophomore at Fordham University. 

Charles Street begins undramatically. It sprouts out where I-95 runs through the south side of Federal Hill, after a stretch of water and some train tracks, between two gutted warehouses. This first block is more parking lot than road, and a few abandoned cars can usually be found parked at haphazard angles along the street or in the grass beside it. It’s a humble origin for what becomes one of Baltimore’s most dynamic and important streets.

The Insider: A Look Inside Pearson’s Florist


I’ve walked by the florist on the corner of Charles and North Avenue more times than I can count, but never taken the time to duck inside. But now that I’m moved into the city, I decided that I should go down, check it out, and see if I could find some greenery to spruce up my new place.

When I got there, Van, the owner of the place, was in the middle of moving the store around. He apologized that things didn’t look more put together, explaining how transferring from graduation season to summer is always hectic.



Roundabout to be Removed and Replaced with Traffic Signal beginning Friday, June 8 with Weekend Bridge Lane Closures, Ramp Detour, and Flagging Operations

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is entering the final phase of the I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) / MD 139 (Charles Street) bridge replacement and interchange reconstruction project in Lutherville.

Beginning 7 p.m. Friday night, June 8, crews will remove the existing roundabout at the intersection of Charles Street and Bellona Avenue; activate two new traffic signals, one at the former roundabout location and the other at the ramp from the outer loop of I-695 to Charles Street; open the new ramp from Bellona Avenue Extended (Lutherville side) to the outer loop of I-695 and northbound I-83 (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway).