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First Friday at the Creative Alliance


First Fridays Creative Alliance

catch of the day fish (2)TGIFF2013! Know what we mean? On the first Friday of every month, various happenings occur around the city—stores stay open late and galleries host openings and receptions. And this is the first Friday not only of the month, but of the year. So after last month’s non-stop shopping and rushing around, why not enjoy an evening of simply taking in some local culture at the Creative Alliance and grabbing a drink at Clementine’s bar while you’re there.

The Nicolo Whimsey Show at Creative Alliance


Nicolo Whimsey

Nicolo Whimsey does it all – he is a story teller, a juggler, a poet and musician.  He is a master at engaging the children while entertaining the parents. He’ll be at the Creative Alliance this Saturday night with all his master tricks up his sleeve.  Juggling, fire, a musical saw, a tug of war and so very much more are on the itinerary for the evening.  After the show, he leads a Parade Around The Patterson, which all are encouraged to attend.  So dig up your best whimsical (Holiday or NonDenominational) hat and join in the fun!

The co-founder and program director, Megan Hamilton, at Creative Alliance, has high praise for Nicolo: “I have seen The Nicolo Whimsey Show probably a hundred times and they never fail to totally crack me up and leave me full of wacky joy.” Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity for lighthearted whimsy for the entire family.

Saturday December 29, 2012

Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern AvenueBaltimore, MD

Whimsy! Hats!  Juggling!

$12 for adults, $7 for kids under 12 and Creative Alliance members

Last Minute Gift Ideas from the Creative Alliance


Creative Alliance Baltimore Gift Catalog

catch of the day fish (2)Still freaking out about a few people you don’t have gifts for? No time to shop? Sometimes last-minute gifts can have that kind of look about them—you know, they just sort of scream “I picked this up on my layover” or “straight from the travel plaza gift shop.” And sure, if the recipient reads this column (and who doesn’t?) they might be onto you. But all that aside, the folks at the Creative Alliance have such great taste and great programming that even for last-minute gifts, they can be trusted to have fantastic options.

The Creative Alliance’s last-minute gift guide has a variety of ideas that range in price and style. They’ve got everything from gift memberships (starting at $40) to tickets to a Winter Luau Getaway to an event called Tassels and Champagne (yes, please). So many people on our lists say things like, “oh, I don’t need anything,” and “please! No more stuff!” In which case, any one of these gifts makes a perfect choice—even if it is getting in under the wire.

For more information on the Creative Alliance’s Gift Guide, visit www.creativealliance.org

The Mobbies Bash – Applauding Area Bloggers


Baltimore is brimming with creative types, and nowhere is this more apparent than the Baltimore Blogosphere.  We have our dedicated sports bloggers for all things Raven and Orioles, our food bloggers, our fashion bloggers, our personal bloggers, our tech bloggers, and so much more.  Our area bloggers offer a little something for everyone and anyone.

Each year, the Baltimore Sun hosts The Mobbies, or Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs.  Marylanders nominate their favorite blogs. Twitter accounts, instagram handles and many more, in an array of categories. Baltimore Sun readers are then encouraged to vote for their top picks.  Here at the Baltimore Fishbowl, we are proud to have been nominated in a few categories and cannot wait to see the results.  Voting is now complete, with the winners to be announced at the Mobbies Bash.

This Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Creative Alliance, the Baltimore Sun is hosting their annual celebration of our city’s bustling social media scene.  Come to this election-themed happy hour sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery and Clementine at Creative Alliance and cross your fingers for your favorite social media savant.  Get creative; go old school and show up as a “hanging chad,” or more current and be a perpetually confused state of Florida.  Much like choosing the president or your favorite blogs, you decide in 2012!

The Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD

November 14, 2012

Because it’s election-themed, because we have amazing bloggers in this city, and because we won’t be missing this opportunity to meet them!

The Creative Alliance’s Art to Dine For Series


The Creative Alliance's Art to Dine For series in Baltimore

When we first heard about the Creative Alliance’s “Art to Dine For” series, we thought it sounded pretty cool. Artists + their art + an intimate setting + gourmet food and good wine = Why not? Right? So we decided to check it out and scope the CA’s website. That’s when we started actually doing those kind of triple-takes and eyes-popping-out-of-head moves that you only see in Tex Avery cartoons. Why? The sheer number, variety, and quality of events taking place as part of this series could give you whiplash. It could actually overwhelm and cause a meltdown to your culture-intake-o-meter.

Take this week, for example. This week alone there are five (five!) different Art to Dine For soirees. Each takes place in an intimate setting, such as someone’s home (meaning that reservations are a must, since the events sell out quickly). Each features an artist at the top of their field, such as political cartoonist Kevin ”KAL” Kallaugher, or singer-songwriter Marion Stanley. The evenings often feature apropos discussions or workshops (learn to make your own political cartoons!) , accompanied by gourmet food and wine that is specific (of course) to each event. Keep in mind, however, that these events are like pumpkins—seemingly abundant now, but that’s because it’s their season. Take advantage before they disappear until next year.

To learn about specific Art to Dine For events and to make reservations, visit http://www.creativealliance.org. Events vary in terms of time, location and cost.

Heroic Measures: “1814! The Rock Opera” Shook Creative Alliance (Almost) All Night Long

photos by Paul Muri

1814! The Rock Opera previewed three songs on Sunday night at the Creative Alliance, in partnership with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. Standup Jim Meyer hosted. David Dudley, show’s co-creator with Dave Israel, told Baltimore Fishbowl the highlight for him was watching the singers “hurl themselves into” their performances.

“Two weeks ago, we didn’t even know these characters,” Dudley explained. “We’d only rehearsed with them a handful of times, and in those practices the singers were too busy learning their parts to really get into the more theatrical elements of the show. So it was quite a shock to see them on stage, going for broke.”

Several audience members wore 19th-century garb, “including a bunch of intrepid representatives of the BRO,” Dudley said. “These people live to create, and patronize, insane rock spectacles.”

Moira Horowitz as Mary Pickersgill.

“1814!” – The Battle of Baltimore as “Fundamentally Goofy” Rock Opera


Above: Iconic painting of Adam Cockburn in front of Washington. “He’s our main villain, and his big song, ‘Too Rocking to Lose,’ is the first number on Sunday.”

This Sunday, Baltimore-based journalist David Dudley and Dave Israel bring the Battle of Baltimore to the Creative Alliance. But instead of muskets and cannon blasts, expect guitar riffs and a light show preview. That’s right, they’re retelling the battle that inspired our National Anthem as a (comedic) rock opera. I was able to talk to Dudley about the upcoming double-song preview event, which will be taped by a Canadian TV station.

What made you and your collaborator want to tackle the Battle of Baltimore?

Well, we first started working on it in the late 90’s, and at the time Dave and I were both living in South Baltimore, a few blocks away from Fort McHenry. We would put on this party every September to celebrate the battle and Baltimore’s victory over the British – we called it the “defender bender.” Over the years we started integrating interactive events into the party, and then Dave and I, who were in a band at the time, began writing songs about the battle, just as a thing to do. We had already been involved in writing another historical rock opera–about the Donner Party–purely for our own amusement. Then we started messing around with the idea of another rock opera, telling the story of the Battle of Baltimore. The subject is so misunderstood–it was battle that had a debatable influence on a war that ended on an ambiguous note. The attraction for us was to explore an event that’s been so mythologized. We didn’t have any real agenda; we just enjoyed using the medium.

And why did you enjoy the medium – why a rock opera?

This is a very traditional rock opera. There’s no dialogue, it’s just a cycle of rock songs that tell a story. It’s kind of a pretentious way to approach it, but it’s also so fundamentally goofy. The framing device of the show is that we’re seeing the very loose semi-accurate memory of a guy trying to explain to his son what the Battle of Baltimore was about – the whole opera is sort of a cartoon version of what really happened.

[Check out the teaser trailer after the jump.]

Camm Slamm: Creativity on Demand


This weekend Baltimore’s Creative Alliance is hosting its 10th annual Camm Slamm contest and screening, in which local filmmakers are given forty-eight hours to make a short film from scratch.

Tomorrow contestants pick up a “top secret” prop to be used in the video, and on Sunday evening they screen their completed movies. Winners are determined by audience votes and a judging panel.

If you want to see how creative others can be on a deadline, the films screen at 8 p.m. on October 30th at the Creative Alliance. Tickets are $12 for the general public, $7 for members and students.

If you want to see how creative you can be on a deadline, registration is still open. It’s $50 to enter if you sign up today, $75 if you just show up on Friday.

This Friday: Fun With Poetry. And Videos. And Kazoos?


Imagine a music video made especially for a Greek chorus — if that Greek chorus were, say, reciting your favorite poems. Well, that’s what Parallel Octave do, and trust me — it’s the kind of thing you never knew you were missing til you see it for the first time. For many people, the first time will be this Friday, when Parallel Octave — those zany local choral improvisers/poem lovers/mash-up artiststhrow a party at the Creative Alliance to celebrate their first film anthology.

Here’s some of the things they promise:  eight videos for Parallel Octave tracks shot by local creative types (“W.B. Yeats performed by giant plastic lizards! Emily Dickinson read over a soundtrack of pitch-shifting synthesizers!”); opening short films and performances by Baltimore superstars (including Cricket Arrison, Jimmy Joe Roche, and Bethany Dinsick); and a live set by Forks of Ivy.

If all that spectating starts to make you feel left out, no worries — the evening will also include a collaborative improvisation of a Hart Crane poem, complete with audience participation and kazoos.

It’ll be the most poetical fun — or the funnest poetry? — you’ll have all year.