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Baltimore’s Best Celebrity Graves


I’m just going to come out and say it:  a city can only coast so long on its Edgar Allan Poe associations. Lucky for us Baltimoreans, there are plenty more exciting dead people to visit around town. Here are a few of our favorite celebrity graves from around town:

Dorothy Parker:  Before the New Yorker writer/celebrated wit died in 1967, she bequeathed her estate to Martin Luther King, Jr. — whom she’d never met — because she felt so strongly about the civil rights movement. After King’s assassination a year later, Parker’s estate reverted to the NAACP, thanks to another provision in her will. So, oddly enough, Parker’s ashes are at the organization’s headquarters in Northwest Baltimore. A small memorial garden features a brick circle, a gravesite stand-in for the Round Table at the Algonquin Hotel, one of Parker’s favorite haunts. A nearby plaque includes the epitaph Parker once suggested for herself:  Excuse my dust.

Trashy Travels Highlights Baltimore’s Cinematic Side


Ever wonder if the Presbyterian Church you drive by in Sykesville may have doubled as an orphanage in John Waters’ Cry-Baby? Want to know the address of the house where Divine licks the bannister in Pink Flamingos?

Well, now there’s a website for that. Josh McCullough’s blog Trashy Travels is building a map of the Baltimore area one John Waters location at a time.

The site is filled with so much information (however unorganized), and is updated so frequently, that it’s hard to believe McCullough doesn’t live in Baltimore, or in Maryland at all. He runs the site out of Columbus, Ohio.  He says he “fell in love” with Baltimore during a visit here in 1999. Ten years later he came again hoping to make pilgrimages to film locations of the notorious Baltimore director. To his disappointment, the Internet yielded little or no help, so he decided to start his own website to fill that void.

In two short years the Trashy Travels tumblr site has gained 763 followers, and the facebook page boasts over 2,000 fans.

The site even caught the attention of filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz, who has asked McCullough to come to Baltimore in May to be interviewed for Schwarz’s upcoming documentary about John Waters’ legendary muse, entitled I Am Divine.