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Johns Hopkins Students Protest University’s Drone Research Program

Photo by Casey McKeel

On February 27, during General Stanley McChrystal’s lecture at Johns Hopkins, the exterior of the building was illuminated with large-scale projections. But instead of advertising the lecture inside — the first in this year’s student-organized Foreign Affairs Symposium — the projections showed injured children and images of warfare. “JHU Research at Work:  Reckless, Wrong, Illegal,” read the words projected on the building’s facade.

There’s One Thing Martin O’Malley and Chris Christie Agree On (Besides Bruce Springsteen)

Martin O’Malley and Chris Christie

Besides their mutual adoration of Bruce Springsteen, there isn’t much that Maryland’s Martin O’Malley and New Jersey’s Chris Christie agree on. They’re mainstream politics’ yin and yang. So what issue unites these two starkly different partisans? Drones. You know, those less-than-accurate unmanned aerial vehicles that rain death on distant, and sometimes innocent, targets? Well, both O’Malley and Christie would love to see a test-site for them in the general area, so they’ve teamed up with Virginia’s governor to push the FAA to establish one.

Owings Mills Couple Explore the Artsy Potential of Unmanned Drones



Baltimore’s Washington Monument

Ah, unmanned aerial vehicles. They kill people overseas. They patrol our borders. They spy on us domestically. But let it be known that they can also be used to capture stunning art photographs. Terry and Belinda Kilby of Owings Mills hold the distinction of being among “the country’s first drone artists.”

Maryland Poised to Be Major Player in Ever-Expanding Drone Industry


Maryland is on the cusp of welcoming full-blown casinos into the state, but a far more morally questionable industry has been fomenting here for a while now. Turns out, Maryland already boasts “two dozen” businesses that work on unmanned drone aircraft, and our odd collection of resources poises us to come out on top in the burgeoning weaponized-roomba-with-wings industry.