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The Buzz: Oak Hill Honey


Oak Hill Honey an apiary in Baltimore

Go local, right? Tell that to a bee. Those tiny creatures will travel up to five miles to collect just the right pollen to bring back to the hive. They’ll even bypass plants and flowers closer to home in order to find pollen that offers the exact nutrients they’re looking for. Sure, five miles might not seem like much, but it’s the equivalent of a human traveling 3,885 miles for a few sandwich fixings. We’re pretty sure we did that math correctly. Anyway…

The point is, regardless of how labor intensive the honey-making or how far flung the pollen-collecting, if our buzzing little friends make their home in Baltimore, we’re calling that honey local. Extremely local. One small and newish apiary operating within the city limits is Oak Hill Honey. The hives live right in the middle of Baltimore City, at two separate locations. The honey is harvested and packaged by beekeeper Dane Nester, an artist also engaged in the urban farming and local food movements here in the city. Though Oak Hill Honey is still a fairly small operation, you can pick up some of its sweetness at local farm stands and markets.

Oak Hill Honey is available at the Waverly Farmer’s Market, Hidden Harvest Farm, and at Milk & Honey. For more information, visit www.oakhillhoney.com.