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Cecil County Food & Wine Festival


Cecil County Food and Wine

catch of the day fish (2)If summer in the city is starting to make you swelter, maybe it’s time to get more proactive about weekend day trips. And thanks to our fabulous location, where we’re generally a short jump to anything from beaches to countryside, to historic colonial towns, to our nation’s capital, that’s a pretty easy thing to do. This weekend, you can beat the heat (kind of) by heading northwards a bit to the charming town of North East for the Cecil County Food & Wine Festival. There’s always been plenty to love about this small-town, one-day festival, but this year, they’ve teamed up with Maryland Wineries, so it’s a whole new level of awesome.

Annapolis Irish Festival


Irish Festival

catch of the day fish (2)We don’t usually hear much about celebrations of Irish culture outside of the few weeks before and after St.Patrick’s day. So it must be the luck of the Irish that’s bringing us the Annapolis Irish Festival next weekend. It’s a chance to celebrate all things Irish at (surprise) the only festival of its kind in the region. And this festival is no small potatoes—you can enjoy traditional Celtic music and rock bands on three different stages, along with workshops and exhibits throughout the festival. It wouldn’t be a proper Irish festival without plenty of beef stew and other Irish delicacies, either.

Harbor East’s FIT+ Festival: A Street Project of Sport & Health


Health and Sport Festival

catch of the day fish (2)Well, it is officially, absolutely, undeniably beach season. That is to say, it’s swimsuit season. And sure, maybe you’ve been dutifully toning and sculpting since your New Year’s resolution six months ago (um, can we borrow your self-discipline, please?) but then again, maybe not. Of course, the good news is that it’s never too late to get in shape and prioritize your health, and a little really can go a long way toward making you not just look good, but also feel good. And we all know that feeling better makes us look better, too. It’s a chicken and egg thing. And besides, a healthy body isn’t just for the summer—it’s important all year round. That’s why we’re marking our calendars for Harbor East’s FIT+ Festival on Saturday, June 21st. It’s a celebration of all things health. And it is fun (and healthy) for the whole family.

Summer Wine and Music at Linganore Wine Cellars


White WIne

catch of the day fish (2)According to Linganore Wine Cellars, “summer is for sangria.” We can’t possibly argue with that. A crisp, cool sangria full of fruit rounds out any summer evening, and goes well with a variety of foods. Linganore is happy to help inspire your summer food-sangria pairings all month with their Summer is for Sangria event. And if you believe that summer is also for great outdoor music, and as many excuses as possible to get out of the city for some fresh air, then Linganore’s many other summer events may interest you as well. Their summer calendar is chock full of events and tastings—all great excuses to head out to the country for a bit.

LGBT Film Festival at the Creative Alliance


LGBT FIlm Fest

catch of the day fish (2)If this year’s Maryland Film Festival is already seeming like a distant memory, and you’ve begun to crave another hit of off-beat, independent films, the Creative Alliance has your number. This weekend, they run the 3rd annual Charm City LGBT Film Festival, which promises a variety of unique and riveting films. The selections all feature LGBT themes, of course, but represent stellar film-making and make for excellent entertainment for audiences of all stripes. Each day of the festival features non-film activities, like a gallery talk or a happy hour, too—so you can get your cinema, your cocktail, and a little extra culture on the side.

Kick Off Summer With Salute to Summer Fest This Saturday in Canton – Get Tickets NOW!


Saulte to Summer_Final


Salute to Summer Fest

Kickoff summer with the Inaugural Coppermine Fieldhouse Memorial Day Mile, and then celebrate at the Coppermine Fieldhouse Salute to Summer Fest on Bonvega Field. The event will feature live music by Crushing Day, food trucks, premium drinks and a Coppermine Kids Zone with sports drills, pony rides, a moon bounce, and more! Rain or Shine.


This Sunday: Art Outside


Art Festival

catch of the day fish (2)You know summer is afoot in Baltimore when the city begins to overflow with fabulous outdoor festivals. One of our very favorites? Art Outside—the day-long festival that recaptures the spirit of the historic outdoor festival that was held on Sundays around the Druid Hill Reservoir during the 1950s and 1960s. Last year’s festival was such a hit that it’s literally back by popular demand, and will be held this Sunday, May 18th. About last year’s festival, one visitor raved, “To see the diversity of attendees melding among the art, entertainment and sheer fun – all within a unique and naturally picturesque setting in the city – was a welcome breath of fresh air.” With reviews like that, these folks must be doing something very, very right. They’ve got one of our favorite outdoor settings in the city, and a selection of the best artists and artisans around. But what’s more, they’ve got the true spirit of what an arts festival should be—a celebration of creativity and community that’s fun and inspiring for all.

Spring Football Festival Featuring Justin Tucker



catch of the day fish (2)It seems like only yesterday we were cheering the Ravens on to a Super Bowl victory and parading in the streets for weeks afterward, celebrating our city’s triumph. Since then, another football season has come and gone, but our pride and love for the Ravens is, of course, always there. This weekend, you can get a little football fix at the Spring Football Festival being held at McHenry Row this Saturday afternoon.

Ryleigh’s 7th Annual Oysterfest and Shucking Competition



catch of the day fish (2)We may be famous for our crabs, but the truth is, Maryland’s got plenty more to offer in the seafood department. In the words of H.L. Mencken, “Baltimore lay very near the immense protein factory of Chesapeake Bay, and out of the bay it ate divinely.” And we still do. Oysters actually became huge business around these parts a couple of centuries ago when we realized that this was a seafood delicacy that could be canned and shipped inland. So yeah, we may have kept the crabs for ourselves, but elsewhere they loved our oysters. This weekend, you can show your own oyster-appreciation at Oysterfest down in Federal Hill.

High Zero Festival


High Zero

catch of the day fish (2)Wow. It’s already the 15th year of the High Zero Festival—just another one of the off-beat (no pun intended) arts celebrations that gives Baltimore its unique flavor, and a reputation for being a hub of creativity. Known primarily as a festival for experimental and improvisational music, High Zero now encompasses much more than that—with film screenings, dance pieces, and—of course—music, taking place in a few venues around Mt. Vernon. If you’re willing to venture a little farther, you even can take workshops from musical masters at Peabody, Goucher, and Towson too—all as a part of High Zero.