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Baltimore Tops D.C. in Weekend Food Truck Battle


Baltimore came out on top in more than one Battle of the Beltways.

Not only did the Baltimore Orioles beat the Washington Nationals but the city bested its rival at A Taste of Two Cities, a food truck competition held Saturday at the Westport Waterfront. It was organized by food truck owner Damian Bohager.

First place went to Baltimore’s Gypsy Queen food truck, followed by the Red Hook Lobster truck of D.C. in second and Baltimore’s Miss Shirley’s truck in third.

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Waste Some Time Animating Old Stereoscopic Photographs


Get a jump on the laziness of the weekend bringing vintage stereograms into the twenty-first century (at least into the late nineties) by turning them into animated GIFs. The New York Public Library recently uploaded more than 40,000 stereograms from their archives, and they’ve set up a web application that allows users to create two-frame animations out of them. You could even choose to create a red/cyan 3-D image, but you have to have the right glasses for that.

Seriously this is more fun than you might guess, as you get to tweak the overlay of the two closely angled images (originally intended to be viewed through a stereoscope for a 3-D effect) until they slow down their wiggle just enough to bring the picture to life — to weird, shaky life.

Enoch Pratt, let’s do something like this! If you don’t have stereograms, maybe we could animate those portraits of the many Lords Baltimore that hang in the central branch. The first Lord Baltimore could morph into the second Lord Baltimore, and then into third Lord Baltimore, and so on. Just an idea.

The Difference a Dress Makes


Olga Etkina and Andrea Witkowski

When you’re young, it doesn’t take much more than a simple skirt or dress, casual hair and a pair of flip flops to look photo ready. These two friends on their way to a night out in Canton, exude simple style, youthful confidence and fun.  They make us want to horn in on their Girls Night Out.

The puppy might ward off some would-be suitors.  Maybe that’s the idea?



You both look so colorful tonight. What made you dress up?

We are celebrating because we are both moving.

Where are you moving?

Olga – I am moving to New York to go to school.

Andrea- I am moving to Patterson Park.

Olga, what is your personal style? Do you have any fashion icons?

Usually, I like traditional classic clothing. I like the way Scarlett Johansson dresses, she always look put together.

How about you Andrea?

I am more bohemian with a touch of rocker. I like Free People and Urban Outfitters. 



Artscape Madness

Unusually good, humidity-free weather brought out the crowds for one of the most fun and funky Artscapes ever. Check our photo montage.
Photo by Greg Dohler
Spontaneous line dancing on Charles Street.
Fortune Teller
Photo by Cindy France
Michele Kaiser of British Columbia, Canada, is ready for a day of fortune telling at her Gypsy Mermaid Caravan.
Dog Face
Photo by Cindy France
The new zoo revue? Dog-faced performance artists take a break in Pearlstone Park.
Photo by Cindy France
The stylish Bumblebee and Earth blow their whistles on Mt. Royal Avenue.
Photo by Greg Dohler
Tammy Faye Bakker celebrates Artscape’s 30th anniversary.
Human Resources
Photo by Cindy France
Festival-goers report to the “Human Resources” installation on the Charles Street bridge.
Photo by Cindy France
This photo by Joe Giordano hangs from the Load of Fun studio on North Avenue.
Solar Sounds
Photo by Cindy France
Craig Colorusso’s Sun Boxes, a solar powered sound installation, in Pearlstone Park.
BD Cake
Photo by Cindy France
Surprise:  An Artscape-goer gets a birthday cake at Melissa Webb’s mixed-media installation and performance piece, “Landing of the Magic Flight: The Mysteries of Memory.”
Rock Opera
Photo by Cindy France
The Baltimore Rock Opera Society belts it out on Charles Street.