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Johns Hopkins Joins Forces with Google



Now this is a powerful, slightly frightening partnership: According to the Hopkins Hub, Johns Hopkins University and Google have pledged to work together on new technology projects.

Baltimore Start-Up Raises $1.5 million



As we mentioned the other day, Baltimore is a great place to be a tech worker. Not only are salaries high, there are also plenty of investors looking to give seed funding to what they hope will be the next hot idea. Case in point: Citelighter, which promises to help students organize citations in academic papers — and which just raised $1.52 million in financial backing, the bulk of it from Baltimore area investors.

Wasabi Ventures CEO Digs Into His Baltimore Roots

ViiNetwork co-founders Phil Newman and Paul Winterling sit outside Wasabi’s Baltimore office. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Couresty Bmore Media – You can take Tom “TK” Kuegler out of Baltimore, but he’ll leave his heart and checkbook behind.

Kuegler, an Essex native and Loyola University grad, left Charm City more than ten years ago for the wilds of Montana. There, he indulged his passion for the outdoors while regularly commuting to San Francisco to indulge his other passion–early stage technology companies.

Hopkins Undergrads Win $250,000 Seed Grant for School Project


Earlier this month, Johns Hopkins sophomore George Chen flew to Seattle for an event hosted by the Saving Lives at Birth:  A Grand Challenge for Development. He was there to show off an invention he’d developed (along with faculty adviser Soumyadipta Acharya and fellow students Noah Greenbaum and Justin Rubin) that uses cell phones to test for anemia. Though the event was hosted by deep-pocket global health organizations (USAID; the Gates Foundation), Chen didn’t really expect to come away with anything more than exposure.  He definitely didn’t expect to walk away with a quarter million dollars in funding — but that’s exactly what happened. “When we thought about the big-name corporations and nonprofit groups we were competing against, we were amazed and surprised to find out that our team had won,” Chen told the Hopkins Gazette.

There Is Hope for the Poe House!


The Poe House woes have come to an end!

The city Board of Estimates has chosen Maryland firm Cultural Resources Management Group (CRMG) to draft a plan to make the historic house self-sufficient by July 2012.  CRMG was chosen among four similar firms, each of which specializes in managing historic properties. 

The winning firm will be given $45,000 to draft their plan, the aim of which will be to keep the museum solvent permanently.  Until this year, the city had spent $85,000 annually on the house since it gained ownership of the property in 1979.  

A spokesperson for CRMG said the firm expects to have their plan finalized by late 2011 or early 2012.  Good luck to them in finding a solution!