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The Mobbies Bash – Applauding Area Bloggers


Baltimore is brimming with creative types, and nowhere is this more apparent than the Baltimore Blogosphere.  We have our dedicated sports bloggers for all things Raven and Orioles, our food bloggers, our fashion bloggers, our personal bloggers, our tech bloggers, and so much more.  Our area bloggers offer a little something for everyone and anyone.

Each year, the Baltimore Sun hosts The Mobbies, or Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs.  Marylanders nominate their favorite blogs. Twitter accounts, instagram handles and many more, in an array of categories. Baltimore Sun readers are then encouraged to vote for their top picks.  Here at the Baltimore Fishbowl, we are proud to have been nominated in a few categories and cannot wait to see the results.  Voting is now complete, with the winners to be announced at the Mobbies Bash.

This Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Creative Alliance, the Baltimore Sun is hosting their annual celebration of our city’s bustling social media scene.  Come to this election-themed happy hour sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery and Clementine at Creative Alliance and cross your fingers for your favorite social media savant.  Get creative; go old school and show up as a “hanging chad,” or more current and be a perpetually confused state of Florida.  Much like choosing the president or your favorite blogs, you decide in 2012!

The Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD

November 14, 2012

Because it’s election-themed, because we have amazing bloggers in this city, and because we won’t be missing this opportunity to meet them!

Guacamole Is a Cruel Mistress: A Recipe


University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik has strong opinions about how to prepare guacamole — and she’s not kidding around.

A couple of weeks ago in The New York Times Book Review “How to” issue, novelist Kate Christensen, who has recently moved to Maine, had a wonderful essay about making clam chowder. The theme of embracing a new place through its ingredients and dishes is a sweet one to me. It was the story of me and Texas, where I lived for 20 years.

The Tex-Mex food I am and always will be obsessed with is divided into two categories: things you can make at home, and things you should go to Texas to eat in a restaurant, like cheese enchiladas or huevos rancheros with fresh tortillas and refried beans. I won’t dwell on the latter; it will just make us sad. Fortunately, in the do-at-home group is guacamole.

The College Kid’s Bargain: Best Daily Drink Deal in Baltimore



Being a college student, economical fun is a big priority. Ideally, no one I know in undergrad wants to spend more than $20 on a night on the town. On such a low budget, you might suspect this evening out impossible. Enter Maxie’s Pizza Bar Grille, the place to go, or at least the place we go. Not only does the bar have specials every night, such as $15 for 5 beers and all martinis for $5 each, they have a pizza bar upstairs fully stocked with pretty good pies, french fries, and really any other food that will satisfy those late night (non-discriminating) munchies. The drawback is that the bar is located in a basement and can get pretty crowded, crazy, hot, and loud. So if you’re looking for a quiet, chill place to hang out with your friends and chat, Maxie’s is not the place for you. (Disclaimer: Maxie’s at night might not be the place for you if you’re very long out of college.) But, if you’re looking to have a festive night on a budget and meet some pretty awesome bartenders, welcome aboard.  Maxie’s – 3003 N. Charles St.