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Sassanova Gets Real


Calling all Baltimore reality TV junkies! We may have a show to call our own. Harbor East’s sassy little shoe shop, Sassanova, is the subject of a new reality show to be pitched to major cable networks. 

With shoes and the women who love them as its theme, the show will focus on the operation of the store’s three locations — Harbor East, Bethesda and Georgetown — as well as highlighting stories of customer purchases. Sounds kind of “DC Cupcakes” for shoes.

The company, Backroads Entertainment (whose owner produced the mega-hit, “Pawn Stars”), filmed the footage for a five-minute “sizzle reel” (kind of like a trailer) at the Bethesda and Georgetown locations last week. After editing, the reel will be shopped to the networks and hopefully picked-up within the next year. If signed, the Baltimore location would then be included in the show.

Could it be a hit? Well, Sassanova’s preppy decor, fresh-faced staff and chic merchandise could easily translate well onto the small screen. It’s appealing vibe could be a fun and girly indulgence. (It has certainly been effective in charming the money out of my wallet.) We’ll keep you posted.

A Casual Look Among the Suits


Erin’s pretty, casual style stands out among the sea of downtown urbanites and shoppers in Harbor East, where she works as the manager of South Moon Under. But it was her tan that we noticed first. It’s her best accessory!


Erin Alessi, 29 



Are you always this tan?  

Just in the summer.  I’m still holding on to my summer tan.

How would you say you dress? Like all the professional women who work around here?

No. I go from edgy to rocker bohemian!

So you dress this way to scare off all the suits?

No, just the opposite. We offer the young downtown professional woman a wardrobe that is casual-but-chic and a little funky. We sell her her weekend look, her I’m-not-too-serious look, her my-boyfriend-loves-me or her little sexy look!

And your boyfriend. Does he like how you dress?

Oh, he doesn’t care what I wear. 

Spoken like a true fashionista.

Food Truck Rally Coming to a Neighborhood Near You


Seems like this has been the summer that Baltimore’s gone food truck crazy. They’ve got cupcakes! They’ve got lobster rolls! They’re on Twitter! How can you not be intrigued? But sometimes the trucks’ untethered, roaming lifestyle works against them; as good as a food truck may be, sometimes it’s just hard to find the one you want.

Enter this Friday’s food truck rally:  Imagine a monster truck rally, but in the place of huge muddy cars, instead there’s gourmet food and drink served up from a mobile kitchen. Confirmed attendees are something of a greatest hits of Baltimore’s truck scene:  Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon, Miss Shirley’s, Iced Gems, Souper Freak, GrrChe, and Gypsy Queen. Even better, there’ll be live music and wine/beer for sale to help you wash down  whatever dish (or three) you finally decide to sample. It all goes down this Friday, July 8 in Harbor East (421 Central Ave., to be exact) from 5-10pm.

And if you find yourself a burgeoning food truck addict, no fear — there are a few easy ways to keep track of them. Most simple is Citypeek’s “Mobile Food Truck-Cart-Wagon Finder,” which aggregates the Twitter feeds of local mobile snacks. This is a good option if you’re not a Twitter user yourself; if you are, you may want to consider following each individual food truck for super up-to-date news on their ever-changing locations. A partial list of some of our favorites is below.