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What We Can Learn from the Annapolis Thanksgiving Day Stabbing, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Pass the Stuffing


It’s not a climactic scene from a new John Waters’ flick, it’s not reality TV…it’s icky reality, Baltimore. On Thursday evening (Thanksgiving), somewhere between carving the turkey and passing the dinner rolls, Shenika Allsup (not pictured), 27, and her half-brother Deonte Antionio Wallace began to argue heatedly, or more likely they continued to argue. Could be they’d argued for years. The Baltimore Sun’s story doesn’t pinpoint. What reporter Ian Duncan reports from the family table: Allsup had had her fill when she stabbed Wallace in the neck with a serving fork (ouch) at a home in the 1100 block of Madison Street in Annapolis, the injury causing some serious bleeding but not much worse to Wallace (Allsup was immediately arrested, charged with first- and second-degree assault, and held on a $1 million bond, police said). If, like many, you’re part of a family circle that tends to turn vicious in tandem with giving thanks and unwrapping random gifts, this story doesn’t shock you even mildly. But maybe each of us who looks forward to (or downright dreads) a fast-approaching holiday visit with extended dysfunctional family can learn from this ridiculous incident. Inspired tips for improved family civility after the jump.