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Book a Cleaning with Well-Paid Maids and See the “Living-Wage Difference!”

Well-Paid Maids
Photo by JD Hancock

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money on cleaning services that do the bare minimum? Are you sick of coming home to disappointing results? Are you wondering why you can’t find a good cleaning service in the Baltimore area?

The truth is, most cleaning services hire contractors, not employees, and pay low wages with no benefits. The end result is to be expected – hurried and lackluster cleanings. If you want a truly clean home, you need to hire a cleaning company that treats its employees well.

That’s where Well-Paid Maids comes in. We are the Baltimore area’s first and only living-wage home cleaning service. All of our cleaners make at least $15 per hour and receive a full benefits package, which is why they are the happiest and hardest-working cleaners in the business. If you’d like to learn more, please check out our recent profile in the Baltimore Sun.

Book a cleaning today and see the difference a living wage makes. Through February 28th, you can use coupon code BALTIMORE to get $10 off. You won’t regret it!


Aaron Seyedian

Founder, Well-Paid Maids