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Chic Chic Boutique Now Open in Village of Cross Keys


Chic Chic Boutique

catch of the day fish (2)Americans have long idealized European style and fashion. Somehow over there, everything seems finer, more glamorous, and yet effortlessly elegant. But when is the last time you found a piece of clothing that looked great on and made you feel comfortable but sophisticated at the same time? Or an item that was well made from quality materials and also happened to be unique enough that you knew no one else might show up wearing the same thing? If it’s been a while, you may be happy to know that Chic Chic Boutique has just opened in the Village of Cross Keys—specializing in European designs that make women look and feel gorgeous. Owners Dario and Rosanna Sech have been working in fashion for years, and with their personal ties to Italy (where they emigrated from) they’re able to hand pick styles that you can’t find anywhere else (at least without taking a Roman holiday).