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Prix Fixe Mondays at Corner BYOB



catch of the day fish (2)The song “Manic Monday” confused me as a child. Not knowing yet what the word “manic” meant, I figured it meant loathsome, boring, or otherwise oppressive. After all, most of what I knew about Mondays (and our culture’s dislike for them) came from Garfield cartoons hung in every office, hallway, waiting room, and kitchen. And since Garfield only ever slept and ate, it was difficult to tell why Monday (for him) was different than any other day. And if it was cartoonist Jim Davis trying to speak through Garfield, that also made little sense. After all, isn’t a daily comics artist’s biggest day of the week Sunday? Monday should be Davis’ Saturday. Now, years later, I understand what the Bangles (or Prince, who actually wrote the song) were talking about. Monday means back to work, running around, the daily grind—ah, Manic Monday.