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Patterson Park Paving Plan Draws Community Ire


Patterson Park Paving Plan Draws Community Ire

Have you ever tried to park around Patterson Park? It’s hardly worth it. Even if you’re coming from Roland Park, you might as well walk; it’ll probably take you just as long as circling the block 1,000 times to find a legal space. Last week, city officials presented a new Patterson Park Parking Study, which proposed paving over enough space to add nearly 100 new parking spots to the park. But now some neighborhood residents are crying foul, saying that the new plan will just eliminate green space and bring more cars to one of Baltimore’s favorite two- and four-legged recreation areas.

Walters Brings the Art to You with New Open-Air Exhibit

“Lost Illusions” by Leon Dussart and Charles Gleyre (ca. 1866) will “hang” at O’Donnell Square, frame and all.

Baltimore is no stranger to public art — there’s the man/woman sculpture at Penn Station, the marble “plastic” bag on some rebar on Mt. Royal, the Open Walls Baltimore street art, all the statues, and on and on — but there’s something about the Walters Art Museum’s current effort to bring art into the public sphere that might make you do a double-take.