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Maryland Kids May Be Going Back to School a Little Later Next Year

Towson High School
Towson High School

As school starts in Baltimore city on Monday, it could be the last time kids see August on the calendar during the regular school year.

Start School After Labor Day, Says Maryland’s Comptroller

Peter Franchot. Photo via the Comptroller's Office.
Peter Franchot. Photo via the Comptroller’s Office.

Kids and adults may not always have the same view about when school should start, given one group’s desire to keep summer fun going and the other’s to let someone else handle the daily activity planning. Usually what the adults say goes, but the younger set may have found their ideal grown-up in Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

According to Audit, Md. Issued Erroneous $101K Tax Refund Check Last Year



There are some errors I wouldn’t mind being the victim. Mistakenly receiving a tax refund of $101,000 is one of them.

That’s just one of the more glaring snafus discovered in an audit of the comptroller’s Revenue Administration Division, which is responsible for keeping track of most Maryland taxes.

Based on the breakdown of the audit’s findings on Maryland Reporter, the RAD sounds like a real mess: tax credits and social security numbers going unverified; a faulty system for keeping track of refund checks; opportunities for employees to steal checks.