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Worker Falls Into Baltimore’s Latest Sinkhole

photo via @BaltimorDPW
photo via @BaltimoreDPW

With one sinkhole still under repair in Mt. Vernon, a water main break caused the collapse of another piece of roadway on Mulberry St. over the weekend. The second sinkhole proved to be a hazard even for DPW workers.

Baltimore County School Bus Gets Stuck in Sinkhole


buscranbrookAn overnight water main break in Cockeysville became a real hazard when morning came.

Neighborhood Warned of 26th Street Collapse Potential… In 1998

Photo via ABC2 Twitter
Photo via ABC2 Twitter

By now, you’ve presumably seen the horrifying footage of the huge sinkhole landslide that swallowed several cars on 26th Street during yesterday’s storm. But did you know that the neighborhood has been campaigning to get the unsafe area fixed for nearly three decades?