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Slow Food Dinner at Carriage House Farms


Slow Food Dinner

catch of the day fish (2)By now, many of us are familiar with the “slow food” movement—which is basically what it sounds like. Slow food advocates came about as a reaction to our country’s ongoing love affair with fast food. “Slow food,” they argued, was healthier for us, for the planet, and even for the economy. Not only that, slow food encourages dinner time conversation, family meal time, and breaking bread with our friends and neighbors. Also, it usually is extremely delicious. That’s the nature of food that’s had care and thought put into it—which is all slow food is, really. And on October 5th, Carriage House Farms invites you to their annual Slow Food Dinner to see just how wonderful an idea it is.

Learn to Can Your Own Food with preZerve


Canned Food

catch of the day fish (2)The time was, almost everyone canned or otherwise preserved their own food at some point each year. We grew tons of edibles and harvested them. And a bumper crop meant that we could continue to have tomatoes or green beans or strawberries year round– all it took was a little know how and dedication. At this point, many of us weren’t taught to can growing up, but with more and more city-dwellers planting their own gardens and participating in urban farming, there’s no reason we should be letting summer’s bounty run out any time soon. And thanks to the ladies at preZerve, you can learn all the tricks and tips of days gone by.

PreZerve is proud to bring the art of canning back to the communal table. They can teach you everything you need to be able to can your own food and nourish your loved ones with food you know well – no mystery ingredients – while simultaneously choosing a more stable, environmentally responsible food system. Yes! We can certainly get behind that. PreZerve is happy to meet in your kitchen or theirs. You can host a canning party or show up to one of their pop-up style workshops around town. The next one focuses on tomato canning (perfect timing, are we right?) and is in conjunction with Slow Food Baltimore on August 30th at 1:00 PM at a beautiful home in Mt. Washington (address will be provided upon registration). They’ll provide everything you need, and you’ll come away with a whole jar of summer to store away for winter.

PreZerve hosts a variety of canning workshops throughout Baltimore. For more information, visit www.learntoprezerve.org.